Nikole Hannah-Jones Turns Down The UNC Offer

Nikole Hannah-Jones
Nikole Hannah-Jones

Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the greatest journalists belonging to the community of Black, made an announcement concerning her decision with regard to the North Carolina University. The Pulitzer prize winner also stated her reason behind her taking the decision. She stated that it was because of the “extended tenure fight” that was accompanied by the allegations of conservative backlash and racism concerning her nature of work. The most celebrated work of the journalist is concerning the dark legacy of the subject of slavery in the country. The announcement was made this Tuesday.

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Reason

The journalist will be joining Howard University as a chaired professor instead. It is to be noted that the said university is a historical school for the community of Black. It is situated in Washington. The dispute with regard to the job profile concerning Nikole Hannah-Jones provided by the public university of North Carolina was a subject that involved the people of Chapel Hill campus as well as beyond it.

Everybody was interested in knowing whether the journalist would be granted an appointment of a lifetime or not.  A number of alumni, as well as professors, came forth to voice their frustration. The main protesters, which include the faculty and students belonging to the Black community, asked the question whether the concerned university respects and values people like Nikole Hannah-Jones or not. The population of white people is much more in the university. 

The University of North Carolina finally offered her the deserving tenure. It was done so last week. However, the offer was turned down by Nikole Hannah-Jones. She stated her reason for doing so at one of the interviews. She claimed that it had to be done because she did not like the way they treated her as one of the Black women.