Matt Smith Concedes That He Dithers On Most Issues: Promises To Become More Acute

Matt Smith

Matt Smith has admitted that he is a ditherer and says he hates his indecisiveness. But he hopes to do away with the ‘bulls*it’ in the near future. He has said that he needs to come to be more acute.

Matt Smith said that his father always told him that indecision was worse than a wrong decision, and he too believes in it. But admits that he needs to work on it himself.

But despite his brush with his indecisive nature, Matt Smith says that he is clear about what plans he has for his hair. He says that while he is fortunate to have only a few gray hairs at this age, he will not dye them.

The actor, who has essayed the role of Prince Philip in The Crown, says he has maybe a couple of years, and then it will all go. The actor has also starred beside Claire Foy, assaying the role of Queen Elizabeth. He said that there was much to celebrate about the late prince.

Matt Smith Says That He Found Much To Celebrate In Prince Philip

Matt Smith said that society has celebrated Queen Elizabeth as an epitome of a stylish and brilliant woman who was also just as powerful. But there was also much to admire about Prince Philip, who he termed a brilliant and roguish man. And we need to appreciate and celebrate that, both in fiction and in real life.

Smith sees a lot of similarities between Prince Philip and his own life. The prince passed away in April 2021 at the age of 99. He said that he also grew up in a life of camaraderie, and he favored that culture.

He says that friendship exists between him and his friends to this day. They grew up as one and still are one as a team. And he says he found that comradeship in Prince Philip.