DaBaby’s Songs Offends Many, Sparks Controversy


DaBaby performed with a bunch of other stars at Rolling Loud. It was the final night of the show that sparked controversies. The center of all disputes was DaBaby’s song. Some lines from his rap song seemed to appear offensive. Fans were angry with the song. He pulled out a surprise earlier by performing with Tory Lanez. Megan & Lanez were involved in an ugly fight recently.

DaBaby Controversy Unable To Dampen Rolling Loud Finale

It was a star-studded lineup at the finale of Rolling Night. Star performers lit up the night with their breathtaking performances. Performances from Rick Ross and T-Pain made the fans go into a frenzy. While it seemed the veterans stole the show, the youths soon joined in. Megan Thee Stallion, Post Malone rocked the audiences with their electric performance. 

Megan reflected on her journey and struggle as a rapper. She was thankful to everyone who supported her journey. She praised the energy of the crowd for matching her moves. 

It was then time for the performance of DaBaby. He started in his signature style. He set the stage on fire. He blasted through his hits one after the other. However, his performance with Megan sparked tremendous controversies. He went on to rap the song which contained some offensive phrases. The phrases seemed to demean women and individuals. In an attempt to light up the crowd, even more, Baby attempted phrases that disgusted the mass. 

DaBaby received huge criticism following his performance. His actions were attacked all over the social platforms. A renowned organization even asked his camp for an explanation. Baby shocked everyone when he performed together with Tory Lanez on stage. Lanez was accused to have fired a bullet at Megan’s foot. Megan was angry when she found Baby promoting Tory’s album “SKAT”. 

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