Despite Trump’s Criminal Charges, The Joe Biden White House Has Kept A Deliberately Low Profile

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Ex-President Trump was parking into a basement parking lot at the Miami federal courthouse as his successor and the secretary general of NATO were discussing Ukraine’s impending counteroffensive.

The soundcheck for a Juneteenth performance that will take place that evening could be overheard outside the Oval Office’s windows. The little television behind Joe Biden’s desk has its screen turned off. The White House’s reaction was purposefully subdued as a legacy was being made in SF. Some of Trump’s associates had earlier said they were unaware of when Trump would be arraigned.

Joe Biden Has No Plans Of Helping Trump Get Out Of His Situation

Aides to Joe Biden have been preparing for the potential of Trump having been accused in the investigation into the ex-president’s retention of sensitive materials by the special counsel for a long time. There was little doubt about the course of action to be taken when Joe Biden had been briefed of the accusations by the senior staff members this Thursday evening: continue to remain silent in public while authorizing the incongruity provided by a president concentrated on his obligations to come about. Joe Biden himself doesn’t seem to want to help Trump out of his situation. Trump spoke privately with the president of Uruguay as he was being charged. After a couple of hours, he was telling a gathering of American diplomats about his extensive discussions with the Chinese President when he appeared to quickly understand a funny anecdote that may be misinterpreted.

He stated that he had turned all of his notes in, before swiftly clarifying that it wasn’t an allusion to the ex-President. He had already declined to speak at least four times, so this wasn’t the first time he had been asked about the shocking indictment, and he along with his team are aware that it likely won’t be the last. 

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