Should the Rams Be Worried About Matthew Stafford’s Elbow? Here Are The Things We Know From Bills

Matthew Stafford

According to Sean McVay, there are no restrictions. There is no hesitation, according to Matthew Stafford.

Regarding the elbow of their starting quarterback going into Thursday’s opening game against the Buffalo Bills, the Los Angeles Rams are sticking to their guns. The point? Stafford’s elbow and the tendinitis inside it are prepared to go if he needs to make another 741 passes like quarterback did last season to duplicate the Rams’ Super Bowl-winning campaign.

Matthew Stafford’s throwing elbow is still one of the greatest (and oddly quietest) mysteries around the NFL as we begin the 2022 season. Not only because he is the star of the defending champion Rams, but also because they actually have a chance to improve this year. In order for that to happen, Stafford would need to make a significant improvement from last year, when he played through the final stretch of the schedule with elbow pain severe enough to require an injection during the season, then underwent a complete recovery until training camp, before beginning a limited throwing programme right before the final week.

Here Is Everything You Should Know Matthew Stafford’s Recent Injury: 

After all that upkeep, it’s time to see if Stafford is still in good enough shape to make another effort to reach 700 passing attempts. You couldn’t have chosen a more telling opening than playing the Bills offence, which should turn the game into a high-scoring contest and put Stafford’s arm back on track for the playoffs after he averaged 41 passes in his final three postseason victories. Not to mention, Stafford will be playing against a defence that acquired Von Miller as an edge rusher in the offseason, which will almost surely result in some hits to Stafford’s throwing arm.