Charles Schumer Seems To Be Moving Towards The Left

Charles Schumer
Charles Schumer

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to ravage the American mainland, Senator Charles Schumer decided to host a meeting. In this meeting, the Senator introduced some of the leading liberal economists in the country with the top Senate leaders from the Democratic party- in order to work around the response from the federal government.

Most of the legislators were already thinking about bringing in the funding of $2 trillion- which was quite a huge amount by Washington standards. But the economists have also cleared that the economy was in a place where not only could they rescue it, but overhaul it for the better.

Charles Schumer’s Dream of A Bold Federal Government

Charles Schumer’s stance did represent a huge evolution for the 70-year-old Democrat from New York, who had spent a large section of his political career advocating for poll-tested and modest policies while being at the helm of his party’s campaign. He had also exercised some major constraint previously- to not target the wealthy Americans as well as the financial industry- which made up a core constituency in his home state. 

But now as the Senate Majority leader, Charles Schumer has put in his weight firmly with the growing bloc of liberals in his caucus that is getting quite comfortable with a federal government that has a far stronger spine- and the higher taxes that need to underpin its strength. In recent times, he has continuously advocated for a visionary economic agenda- one that would show the American population how governments could play a more productive role in their welfare.

One of Charles Schumer’s former aides- Daniel Squadron- notes that ‘Chuck’ has spent quite a large portion of his life arguing that the government could definitely be a far more positive force. But, with conflicts arising in the Democratic agenda- courtesy of Senator Joe Manchin, Schumer’s strategy seems to be hanging by a thread.

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