Megan Anderson Calls Out Casey Kenney On Inappropriate Comment

Megan Anderson
Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson is all set to challenge Amanda Nunes for the UFC featherweight title. However, she has been made the subject of a derogatory statement by Casey Kenney, a UFC bantamweight competitor. The statement from the male colleague was in the context of an interview when Kenney brought up the possibility of having sexual relations with Anderson.

Anderson responded in a tweet and called the behavior disgusting and reprehensible. She said that she had experienced bullying first-hand and that she will use her position to make a stand against such acts. The two MMA professionals are on the same card in the championship match in March.

The Fight Before Megan Anderson

There has been wide support for Megan Anderson after the incident. UFC vice president Hunter Campbell has also reportedly made contact with her personally. However, there have been no public comments from him on the matter thus far. MMA fighters are not contracted to any organizations making it difficult for extensive punishment for such acts.

Kenney had promptly replied with an apology. Anderson hopes that Kenney is true to his words and learns from the mistake.

Anderson, an Australian native, faces an interesting fight against Nunes. Amanda Nunes is considered to be one of the greatest in the MMA circle. She had claimed the title by knocking out the previous champion in a mere 51 seconds in the 2018 fight.

Anderson is hopeful of a positive result and feels prepared for whatever Nunes may throw her way. She claimed that she was also prepared to claim the crown from Cyborg, and Nunes is only a little bit different. Both the contenders are known for their reliance on their ranged attacks. Anderson, however, towers over Nunes in the match-up. Nunes has already successfully defended her title once.