The Rise of Popularity of Chatbots


Chatbots today are an essential feature of every online business regardless of the type. If you’re looking to shop on an e-commerce site or want to get a new membership, it’s very likely that the platform employs a chatbot to answer the common questions of the users. Below we will take a look at how chatbots have become indispensable on many online platforms and what the benefits are for both the users and businesses.

What is a Chatbot

A chatbot is a software application that is able to lead a conversation via text or voice to text with the users of the site. It is able to understand generally common questions about the brand while it’s meant to capture real-time feedback about the customer experience, minimize the costs of the business and boost customer support on the site.

It is programmed to use certain phrases and to connect the user with the customer support agent in case the question is too complex. The main advantage for the user is that they instantly have an option to get answers to their questions without resorting to other alternatives like looking up answers themselves on the FAQ page, for example.

Plus, they simulate human interaction, which is a preferred method of finding solutions for many users. Of course, if the communication is unsatisfactory, they can review the conversation and connect with a real customer support agent.

The main advantage for businesses like online casinos is that it reduces their costs and solves frequent communication issues. For instance, online gambling sites communicate with global audiences, which is another reason chatbots are becoming increasingly important for casino sites. Also, the websites are more complex as they feature hundreds of different casino games, including poker, slots, roulette, craps in many versions.

In fact, they collaborate with many leading developers like Evolution Gaming, NetNet, Microgaming, and other brands.

If you want to try your luck with live casino games, you can Play Evolution Games here, for example. In addition, there are many promotions and offers. All of these features can make the gaming experience for new members overwhelming. This is why online casinos can benefit from chatbots, as they will reduce the time in finding out more about the online casino.

Benefits for Businesses

The benefit for businesses is that it is able to handle multiple communications with different customers, provide customer support 24/7, and as technology advances, it can also solve more difficult problems.

More specifically, chatbots are powered by machine learning technology which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence technology. This means that over time as they collect more data about the problems of the customers, stick and improve their responses and even predict future problems. Moreover, the chatbots are crucial for collecting feedback about the customer experience on the site and represent chatbots are the front-line response for queries.

Chatbots also use voice recognition technology which improves the accessibility of their services to a greater audience. Some popular examples are Alexa of Amazon and Google Assistant, which are able to finish certain tasks for the users or provide automated responses to their queries. And, of course, they represent an advanced example of a chatbot that uses the latest AI technology to serve its users. In the future, it is expected for a chatbot to employ the latest technological innovations and provide a personalised experience to the customers.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots provide great insights to online businesses because they are able to communicate with multiple customers at the same time, capture feedback about their questions, answers, and reviews. Also, the software gets upgraded and is able to anticipate the questions, solve complex issues and provide better solutions.

It saves time and money and minimizes the amount of work for the customer support agents. When it comes to the users, it provides fast and accurate answers to the frequent questions; it connects them with another agent if the problem is challenging, and it also generates conversations.

They are also able to offer detailed insights about the customers, which helps businesses to create customized offers. In conclusion, thanks to advanced AI technology, chatbots are able to help users to find any information they need.