Megan Fox Has Flaunted Her Bob Hairstyle in Tiny Bikini

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

Megan Fox has a stylish new hairstyle! The 36-year-old actress showed off a significantly shorter hairstyle on her Instagram Story on Friday, revealing that she had cut her long, dark hair in favor of something new.

The Night Teeth actress poses for a selfie while flaunting her layered blonde shoulder-length hair in one photo, giving the camera her most seductive gaze. With deeper hues at her roots that eventually fade into a more honey-blonde tone toward the bottom, her new hair has an ombre look. In addition, Fox has bangs that frame her face and fall just below her dark eyebrows. 

Megan Fox Ha Adopted A New Hairdo After A Long Time

It was unclear at first whether Fox was wearing her natural hair or a wig for a forthcoming project. For the bulk of her career, Fox has maintained a relatively lengthy hairstyle. Last summer, she recently trimmed her hair, but she left the hairdo long. Her hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, referred to the style as “short-ER and bouncy” in an Instagram post. The actress previously donned a shoulder-length hairstyle with darker tones in 2014 while promoting her lead part in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

On Friday, Megan Fox shared a different Instagram Story where she flaunted her trim form and shared a below-the-chest photo of herself wearing a little orange bikini. Fox has recently gained notoriety as a style icon, garnering attention for imitating Pamela Anderson last month while donning a feathered pink bucket hat and for donning an iconic all-pink look for her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink premiere last year.  

In April 2022, Megan Fox revealed to Glamour that she was still quite affected by how the public perceived her. She stated that since there were so many people who had negative thoughts and intentions toward her- which would often penetrate and permeate her. As it stood, she was only human.