George Clooney Recounts His Time As A Bell’s Palsy Patient

George Clooney
George Clooney

George Clooney discussed a health issue he experienced in his youth. The 61-year-old actor sat down during his latest appearance with Jimmy Kimmel on the celebration of 20th-anniversary to the broadcast of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spoke briefly about how he got to identify as having Bell’s Palsy at a young age.

George Clooney Reveals About His Bell’s Palsy In Latest Aired Episode Of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Snoop Dogg, the co-host to the beginning few episodes of the popular tv show Jimmy Kimmel Live! also joined Clooney, who was Kimmel’s first interviewee on the late-night talk series dating back to it’s debut in 2003.

Following a throwback image of Snoop Dogg hitting 51, from his high school days and Kimmel alongside posted a series of images of George Clooney from about the same era. Kimmel remarked, showing a first image of a preteen George Clooney with a bowl cut and spectacles, saying, “George, we happened to have a few images of you which is from a little beforehand high school.”

The actor replied by saying he wants to point something out that the disastorous haircut was by his mother who used to trim his hair, and Kimmel then showed another photo of him when he was a little older, in which he was noticed to be sporting a slightly skewed smile.

But the Ticket to Paradise star interrupted Kimmel before he could make light of Clooney’s appearance asking them to hold on to  their attention towards something because he knows that he was ready to chuckle and crack a joke. George Clooney reveals that his face in here is paralyzed in half, and he had Bell’s palsy when the picture was taken.

Clooney remarked, the viewer to notice while covering part of his face in the picture with hands. “The other part has an entirely different face if you look in this manner” he added. He goes on to push Kimmel to make his joke stating now “let me have a chance to give you a sorrowful face, please.”

Kimmel however stated that he honestly didn’t have any joke, and George Clooney’s statement did really make everyone feel bad. Before he, Clooney, and Dogg all drank a shot together, he continued, maybe another toast could lighten things back up again.