Mehmet Oz Alters Stance On Whether Trump Won 2020 Election

Mehmet Oz
Mehmet Oz

Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate, Dr Mehmet Oz, stated on Tuesday that he thinks “much more information” is required to establish whether Donald Trump won the election results, as the past president has asserted without providing any proof.

The question of how to represent Trump’s loss to Biden in 2020 without alienating the former president and his followers has plagued some Republican candidates and elected officials. However, Oz appeared to offer a different opinion on the 2020 results just days before his Fox News interview. Mehmet Oz stated that if he had been a senator on January 6, 2021, he would have voted to certify Biden’s election at an event with Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa.

In total, 139 Republicans in the House and 8 Republicans in the Senate voted against certifying the results, with many arguing that additional data was required to decide the winner in areas like Pennsylvania, where Trump lost more than 80,000 votes. Numerous judicial challenges and governmental outcomes assessments were unsuccessful in changing the decision.

Mehmet Oz Changing Their Stances About Trump Winning The 2022 Elections: 

Trump campaigned alongside Mehmet Oz in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, over the weekend. There, he criticised the Biden government for the FBI raid on his Florida home and persisted in his unfounded assertion that electoral fraud cost him the state and the country.

Trump said that Fetterman might dress like a teenager getting high in the basement of his parents, but he thought that he was a raging lunatic bent on springing the criminals out of jail in the middle of the crime wave the state of Pennsylvania has ever seen.

After the rally, Fetterman highlighted the collaboration between Trump and Mehmet Oz in a fundraising drive.