Eamonn Holmes criticised for giving credence to Covid-19 5G conspiracy theory

Covid-19 5G conspiracy theory
Covid-19 5G conspiracy theory

The spread of coronavirus across the globe has also resulted in the development of a number of fake news. One such fake news that has got a lot of hype is the connection with coronavirus and the deployment of 5G technology. Due to the spread of this fake news, there has been some damaging impact as well. About 20 phone masts across the United Kingdom had been vandalized or set on fire due to these false 5G claims. Media houses and Facebook are trying hard to clamp down on any such Fake News which can create a major impact on countries across the world.

Unfortunately, not everything is alright with the media houses. Eamonn Holmes, the This Morning co-host, had made the suggestion that we should not suddenly clamp down on this claim that links coronavirus with 5G technology. He was hosting the show with Ruth Langsford, his wife, and he mentioned that “it’s very easy to say it is not true because it suits the state narrative”. This was a response to Alice Beer’s claim that the theories were just plain stupid.

Many scientists have claimed that this conspiracy theory is tying up two unrelated things and creating a dangerous nonsense theory.

Holmes was criticized for his claim. Someone mentioned: “So I’ve just heard This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes legitimize the stories linking the coronavirus lockdown to 5G. On national television. Wow. How irresponsible can you get. Switching off. Hope Holly and Phil are back soon.”

As per Andy Green, “Well done Eamonn. You just added more fuel to this 5G conspiracy theory by legitimising what is utter nonsense. You need to research properly before pronouncing.”

Almost as a defense, Holmes said: “That’s all I would say, as someone with an inquiring mind.”