Melania Trump Jumps Into The NFT Bandwagon Promising An Amulet

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

Ex-first lady Melania Trump has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) and blockchain technology venture. She joins a long list of celebrities who are offering digital memorabilia to tap into the recent frenzy surrounding these assets.

The first NFT has been named Melania’s Vision and is a watercolor art by artist Marc-Antoine Coulon. It is claimed to embody Melania Trump’s cobalt blue eyes. This was revealed in a statement issued by her office. It will be open for purchase from December 16 to the end of the month.

So once you own it you can lose yourself inside the mesmerizing eyes of Mrs. Trump by just pressing a button. You will be the owner of your personal piece of a trending digital painting.

Melania Trump has latched onto the latest in internet craze hoping to cash in during the Christmas holidays. Melania Trump is bang in the midst of a style frenzy within the high-tech art world.

Critics have branded the venture as the newest effort by the Trumps to cash out their political infamy.

Non Fungible tokens are digital assets. They may be songs, videos, or pictures, that are traded on online marketplaces. They are stored in blockchain, which is a secure open ledger.

First Public Venture From Melania Trump After She Left White House

Through blockchain technology, anyone can verify the authenticity of the NFT and track record of ownership. It is Melania’s first venture after she exited the White House in 2020.

Her office released a statement portraying the painting as a breathtaking artwork by Coulon. It is said to embody her cobalt blue eyes and would provide the buyer an amulet to stimulate.

The NFL has been priced at 1 SOL (around $150). An audio message spewing words of hope from Melania Trump is all yours for free. The press release from her office has promised a unique auction of historical significance.