Melissa McCarthy Couldn’t Stop Living The Little Mermaid

melissa mccarthy

She has got herself so much deep into the little mermaid, she wants a sequel to them. Melissa McCarthy was interviewed by Javier Bardem. They both want the same thing.

Perhaps six or seven would do the work. They only want to do films based on their character. Ursula, the sea witch, and King Triton. The battle between the two siblings. Javier Bardem specifically mentioned he wants an Ursula spinoff. 

Disney needs to take their decisions into account when portraying their dinner scene. Melissa mentioned how much she enjoyed filming and she does want more scenes with him.

They further gushed about each other’s performances.

Melissa McCarthy Was Sick To Her Stomach Before Meeting Javier Bardem

It was the first film they both did together. Melissa McCarthy was aware of how great of an actor Javier is. She was very nervous before meeting him. However, his cheeky personality made it all go away within two seconds.

They bonded over the shooting days. Now they cannot stop gushing about each other. How great they were in their role.

According to Melissa McCarthy, Javier is someone who can throw lightning bolts. Just like King Triton. Apart from these, he is a nice and warm person. Which she loved about him. A few days ago Melissa McCarthy told one reporter she prefers kindness over everything. 

Javier Bardem probably did one scene together with Melissa McCarthy. He couldn’t believe she was Ursula until she delivered some pretty heavy lines. Those lines sent some chills through his spine.

She is a gift and a joy if you consider that. A total wholesome person.

No one could have been that perfect Ursula. She is the perfect definition of what a person can bring into the room. And as Ursula Melissa McCarthy brought everything into the room.

Melissa told she watched the little mermaid for two years straight with her children.