Mellow Made Its ‘Smart’ Sous Vide Machine Dumb Unless You Pay A Monthly Fee

Mellow Made
Mellow Made

Mellow, Inc. released its “world’s first smart sous-vide machine” in 2014 for a cost of $399. The machine automatically weighs or heats and cools your specified food. You can even choose to slow cook your food or tone it up to the mid-cook option to match your timing.

However, the company has recently decided to take away its smarts from the users who already own these services if they don’t pay $6 a month. Owners can also choose to pay an annual subscription fee of $48 instead of the $6 per month.

Reports suggest that Mellow owners were surprised to have found their services stopped automatically. The cooker’s previous “smart” features are now locked behind a paywall. They can only be operated if you’ve subscribed to the new and paid “Premium Subscription.”

However, Mellow’s Manual mode still lets you set the temperature of the cooker remotely. However, these manual sous-vide gadgets are available in the market for $129. Mellow buyers feel unfairly treated because the Mellow buyers got their gadgets at the high price of $399.