Spotify Premium Users Can Now Host A Listening Party With Up To Five Friends — Even If They Live Far Away


Good news is on the line for Spotify Premium Users. During this coronavirus pandemic which has shut us down inside our homes, you can at least listen to music and podcasts with your friends and family.

Spotify brings to all its Premium Users a chance to be together at least virtually. Through its Beta feature called Group Session paying users can now share their music with friends and family and listen to it at the same time.

Premium users can generate a shareable link which can be given out to 5 friends at a time who have Spotify Premium as well. This link will allow a simultaneous streaming of content even if the people are not in the same location.

This is sure to give out a virtual experience of being together as any person in the streaming party can choose to select tracks in the list, skip or pause or add their own choices.

There’s no facility of chat, so for any kind of communication the streamers will have to rely on third-party apps.


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