Merrick Garland Assures That More Action Imminent Over Capitol Attack

Merrick Garland
Merrick Garland

Attorney General Merrick Garland has vowed to pursue the perpetrators of the attack on the Capital and says that the action taken was not the last. In a speech on the first anniversary of the attack, the AG parried criticism that the department of justice has not been aggressive enough in following through on the January 6 probe.

Merrick Garland on Wednesday pledged to go after the perpetrators behind the dastardly attack, saying that he would pursue them at every level and saying that the federal establishments would make sure to monitor the facts to its conclusion.

Garland said that the Department of Justice was dedicated to holding them guilty accountable under the law, including those present and also those who were orchestrating the murderous campaign, and were responsible for that assault on American democracy.

Merrick Garland was speaking even as America readied itself to face a grim anniversary reminder of the attacks on one of its most revered symbols of democracy.

Merrick Garland Is Under Sustained Pressure To Speed Up The Investigation

Lawmakers have exerted sustained pressure on Merrick Garland, frustrated at the visible lack of action into the January 6 inquiry. They gave demanded aggressive action. There have even been demands from lawmakers that Former President Trump should be answerable for the attack. Trump faces an allegation of both provoking the attack and deliberately standing by while the attack continued for hours.

Merrick Garland did not directly refer to the former president or other officials serving under Trump. But he indirectly referred to sustained pressures a public sentiment demands a more visible approach to bring the perpetrators of the riots to book.

Garland said that as the attack was unprecedented, there has been some extra attention focussed on the incidents. People want to know the exact steps being taken and the duration of the investigation.

He said that his answer remains the same. The time taken will continue for the time it takes to conclude any ongoing investigation as per the facts of the law. He said that he will continue to speak through his work and would do nothing to jeopardize the feasibility of the ongoing investigation and the citizens’ civil liberties.

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