The Return Of Klay Thompson, What His Return Means To The Bay Area

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson’s return will be something that is completely new and alien. It will be a comeback unlike any other people have seen in the Bay Area or anywhere in the whole world. 

Klay Thompson is set to return on Sunday at 5:30 pm, which is a 941-day long gap between NBA games. This was due to the reason that he suffered from two different injuries, which were both severe and blazed an entirely new trail. 

The 5-time NBA All-star will return to the Golden State Warriors after tearing his left ACL in June 2019, rehabbing and recovering, and then sustaining a torn right Achilles tendon in November 2020, forcing an altogether different rehab and recovery.

Klay will now be immediately inserted into the starting team in midseason for a Golden State team that for most of the first three months has owned the best record in the NBA.

“I’m not going to mess around and bring him off the bench,” coach Steve Kerr said.

Klay Thompson Will Return To The NBA

Thompson has spent the last month on edge, awaiting this moment. He is reuniting with longtime teammates Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, the three of them forming the core of teams that made five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, winning three. All are destined for the Hall of Fame.

“It’s exciting,’ Curry says. “It’s not about anything other than him getting back and playing basketball, and that’s what we’re all looking forward to.”

Green, drafted by the Warriors one year after Thompson, took it a step further.

“He’s extremely excited and anxious to be back out there,” he said. “(Media) are feeling the same way. We’re feeling the same way. This fan base is feeling the same way. And most important, the world of basketball is feeling the same exact way.

“Everybody is looking forward to Klay Thompson being back out there on the floor.”