Met Gala Fake Invitations Doing The Rounds

Met Gala
Met Gala

Met Gala for the current year has been rescheduled. The event is expected to take place on the 13th of September. Met Gala is the Oscar equivalent of the fashion world. Fashion icons & brands show off their attires at the event. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everything has taken a hit. The Gala is no exception. This year the event is expected to be held with a smaller crowd. A fake invitation list has been going viral for weeks. It portrays a blueprint of the seating arrangements at the event. The fake invitation also contains the names of the invited celebrities. 

Met Gala: Beware Of Fake Invitations

Met Gala seems to have been hit by fraud. An invitation has been doing the rounds which do not have authenticity. The invitation list contains the names of the guests. The guest list features names of popular Tiktokers, Instagram Influencers, and Celebrities. The picture in question has the watermark of an Instagram account. The watermark read “_metgala_2021”. 

Messages have been sent to the particular account. However, no replies have been sent. Interestingly, the description of the handle states that it is not associated with the museum. The gala fashion event is organized by The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. The event was scheduled to happen in 2020, but it had to be canceled due to the pandemic. 

The fake Met Gala invitation has gone viral. The account clearly states that it is not a certified handle. The post has accumulated a  whopping view of 100,000. It lists the names of famous personalities. Emma Chamberlain, Addison Rae, Charlie D’Amello, Bretman Rock were featured as guests.  Dixie D’Amelio was among the invited on the fake list. The fake account was created in the year 2019.