Metallica’s 40th Anniversary Final Performance Left Fans Wanting More


The first of the two Metallica shows was held in SF’s Chase Center. The two shows were to commemorate Metallica’s 40th anniversary.

Metallica performed the best songs of their career on the first night. Naturally, expectations were at an all-time high for the second night. 

The second performance was to be held on Sunday, two days after the first. There were no notable guests for their 40th anniversary but had quite a number of surprises from the tracklist. 

The tracklist was masterfully planned so that it featured a couple of tunes from their albums chronologically. On the second night, Metallica started from their last album (Hardwired To Self-Destruct, 2016) and ended with their first (Kill ‘Em All, 1983)

Metallica Taking Stage 

Like the first night, the crowd was shown a short history of Metallica on a huge screen. Tom Morello, the RAM guitarist, narrated their story the second night. Jason Momoa narrated it on Night 1.

All band members, except guitarist Hammett, were dressed in all black like Night 1. Hammett wore a red coat. Wristbands with flashing lights were given to the audience on both nights. 

Metallica frontman, James Hetfield, addressed the audience as their family. The capacity audience vocalized with the band and especially  Marianne’s part. 

They performed the frontman’s favorite song “Fuel”. Skyward bound fireballs were released at various points during this song. 

The songs that followed were a  tide of tempos. It was carried down by  “Bleeding Me” while “Wasting My Hate” brought it up. “The Unforgiven” brought the tempo back down.

For closing, the band concentrated on the old bangers like Enter Sandman, Master of Puppets/ Harvester of Sorrow, Fade to Black, and Whiplash. They concluded the night with “Seek and Destroy”, an all-time fan favorite.