Jen Shah Adjusting Life In Prison

Jen Shah

Jen Shah has been charged with 78 months in prison. For frauding people with eye-catching schemes and telemarketing.

Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City star finding it hard to adjust to prison food. Imprisonment is hard for everyone. Self-harming and destructive thoughts tend to appear. She is trying hard to fight those demons to stay positive. She is currently serving time in Bryan Federal Prison Camp.

Jen Shah Keeping Her Journal Updated Even From Prison

Not only Shah alone but also Kashana, known as K is also surrendered. They surrendered together. Jen Shah wrote it was overwhelming. They were wondering where to go from that place. Where to start and how to survive. The prison has Saturday special breakfast in a brown bag. Jen Shah was tired and sleeping. Her friend Kashana saved her a bag.

The breakfast was served at 6 in the morning. She is having meals like any other criminal. She used to have a lavish lifestyle and found it hard to adjust to this new life.

Shah further gave details of the food menu she had in prison. She had one piece of wheat bread. An apple with two packets of jelly, and instant oatmeal. They were also serving instant coffee but Shah didn’t have a mug. She couldn’t have it. Her commissary coming next week until then she will have to adjust.

She is now saving from the kitchen counter to eat if she gets hungry anytime. Jen Shah’s first day at the prison was hard, she cried laying on her top bunk. She was pretending to sleep. There was an unexplainable pain in her chest. It was one of the hardest goodbyes she has to go through. Leaving her husband and two boys at home were the hardest.

Shah kept remembering her son’s face. Before leaving for the prison she hugged them tightly. The destructive thoughts started coming afterward. The journey is going to be hard for her and for the family as well. It is going be Jen Shah against Jen Shah, without crushing her soul.