Metaverse’s Latest Project Avoids Web 3.0 Rush


In today’s digital environment, Web 3 Metaverse ventures are all the rage, with thousands of new businesses popping up every day to try to ride this worldwide wave with their very own product releases. Regrettably, reality has revealed that the vast majority of these solutions give little meaningful benefit to their respective player or user populations. Instead, they depend on the flimsy hype around cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and other buzzwords, an unholy means of seeking user growth. At the moment, these efforts are yielding just short-term results, not long-term progress.

Cryptgende Is Metaverse’s Latest Project

Cryptagende, which is set to launch in late 2022, will be one of the first triple-A web 3.0 Metaverse experiences. Cryptagende promises to bring a mix of traditional and new multiplayer modes into a unique and definitive online shooter experience, powered by state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 technology and the decentralized elements of the Ethereum network.

Classic squad deathmatches, competitive 5V5 variants, Battle Royale, and co-op options will all be included in the game. In addition to this diverse offering, Cryptagende will debut the Metaverse mode, which closely resembles the real-world economy. Players will be able to construct their in-game resources with no restrictions thanks to this online experience. Cryptagende users will be able to easily participate in the free market economy, monetizing their inventions and earning actual revenue proportionate to their various talents, thanks to the introduction of a play-to-work paradigm. The Ethereum network’s layer 2 protocol will enable secure, quick, and low-cost transactions in the Cryptagende open trading market.

An entertaining core game loop and exciting material, according to the business, should be a determining element for a sustainable virtual environment. There’s no need to use ‘one-stop’ strategies to artificially boost demand, therefore no in-game money or token manipulation is required. All of these strategies would be in direct opposition to the company’s primary tenet: a fully decentralized experience guided exclusively by player needs and desires.

The goal of this new online sandbox is to bring together a worldwide audience of gamers, artists, and other interested individuals. Cryptagende will allow users to express themselves freely, have fun, and participate in a dynamic game economy.