Miami Dolphins Give Tyreek Hill $120M Deal

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The Kansas City Chiefs have traded Tyreek Hill, its wide receiver to Miami Dolphins for $120M and offered him a 4-year contract extension. The 6-time Pro-Bowl pick is being traded for a package of 5 draft picks.

The KC Chiefs will in return get the 1st and 2nd round picks and also the 4th rounder of the Miami Dolphins. They also get the 4th and 6th round picks for next year. Drew Rosenhaus, Hill’s agent revealed that the extension from Miami Dolphins includes a $72.2M guarantee, including $52.54 at signing.

Contract With Miami Dolphins Makes Hill The Highest Paid Receiver Ever In NFL

The contract takes Tyreek Hill to the top in terms of money in the history of the NFL, with the $72.2M turning fully assured at the beginning of the league in 2023. The total for the 3-year deal comes to $72.5M.

Hill was already signed on for this season. The total worth of his deal comes to $141.69, including $120M as new money. Also included in the $250,000 Pro Bowl incentive for each season.

The NY Jets and Miami team had trades ready for Hill. It remained to be seen if the WR was ready to turn it into a record deal.

The Chiefs were into a discussion with Tyreek Hill on the extension of the contract partly as they were tied down by a salary cap and were seeking relief. But talks got bogged down in recent days. Hill’s team sought a trade, and things fell in place rapidly with several teams coming forward.

The Miami Dolphins have raised their offense substantially these last couple of days with Terron Armstead, formerly with the Saints, and a 3-time Pro Bowl pick, announcing his signing with the Miami team.

Tyreek Hill expressed his excitement at his new beginning with the Miami Dolphins and also thanked the Chiefs team and its fans for his success at Kansas City.