Restaurant Chain Called MrBeast Burger Started By YouTuber

MrBeast Burger
MrBeast Burger

MrBeast expanded his empire on YouTube into burgers by starting a chain restaurant known as “MrBeast Burger” across the United States. He classically celebrated his new endeavor by giving away lots of cash and free food. You can also order yourself a burger at a total of 300 locations.

Jimmy Donaldson always does crazy things using his money, however his latest venture into the restaurant business is the biggest investment of MrBeast yet. Donaldson is not only giving money to the people for buying Christmas presents or doing challenges but he is giving out free food also. Donaldson who is a YouTube sensation having over 48M subscribers opened up a restaurant chain of his own across the US and called it “MrBeast Burger”.

MrBeast Burger Started With Cash And Free Burgers

Donaldson launched his chain of restaurants in a very charitable way by giving away cash and free burgers. The YouTuber chose North Carolina as the first location, there was a mile-long queue in front of the store. In addition to giving away at least $100 cash with each order, MrBeast also chucked in a few expensive goodies like iPads on top. He gave a person standing in the line a new car. Before getting to everyone, the police shut the whole thing down due to a traffic line of 20-mile. That is how he built MrBeast Burger, his burger empire.

You can order the burgers through some delivery apps such as Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, and UberEats.The burgers bought by the customers will also contribute to charity. The menu includes burgers of Beast Style and Chandler Style both at $6.99, Chris Style at $7.99, Karl’s Grilled Cheese at $4.59, Crispy tender chicken sandwich at $6.99, a Nashville Chicken Hot Tender Sandwich at $6.99, Crinkle seasoned fries at $3.25, Beast fries at $4.99 and chocolate chip cookies at $2.49.

MrBeast promised that he would bring his restaurant MrBeast Burger across the border.

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