Miami Heat Topped By Bucks In 2nd Game

miami heat
miami heat

On Monday, the Miami Heat were dispatched quickly and efficiently by the Milwaukee Bucks. The starting quarter tied the record of most 3-pointers as the Bucks scored 10 of them. It matched the record of the Cavaliers set in the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

Miami Heat Losing Control Of The Series

12 minutes into the game, the Bucks had a lead of 26 points over the Miami Heat. The domination remained for the rest of the match with the Miami Heat losing 98-132 in the match.

By the time the match ended, the Bucks had scored 22 three-pointers. Byrn Forbes led the charge by making 6 on his own. Giannis Antetokounmpo was the one to balance the Bucks’ offensive by scoring 31 points, 6 assists, and 13 rebounds.

On the court’s other end, the Heat struggled a lot from outside the arc. They had made a franchise-record number of 3-pointers in the playoffs in the first game. However, the dry spell was enough to ensure the defeat in this match as Miami Heat never really got into it.

After the victory, the Bucks now lead the best-of-7 series 2-0. Game 3 will be held in Miami on Thursday.

Presently, the Miami Heat might need the services of Tyler Herro. In the middle of the third period, the broadcast had made a mistake and claimed Herro was in the game. Till that point, Herro had played for only 9 minutes. In the match, he played 18 on the whole which is less than 19 in the first game. He only managed to shoot 1-out-of-5 in Game 2.

In the previous postseason, Herro was looking like a top prospect. However, through the season his form has gradually stagnated. So Miami Heat might be looking towards placing far more trust in Kendrick Nunn.