Kay Ivey Bans Coronavirus Vaccine Passports By Signing Bill

Kay Ivey
Kay Ivey

On Monday, Kay Ivey, Republican Governor of Alabama, signed another bill and made it into law. This bill bans the complete usage of coronavirus vaccine passports inside the state. This law, which came into effect almost immediately after signing the bill, prevents any entity of the government from issuing coronavirus vaccine passports. It also prevents businesses’ requirements of any documents like that. In her statement, Kay Ivey said while signing the bill, that she is always supportive of the system of voluntary vaccines. Kay Ivey added that by signing a bill like this into law, she is only solidifying her conviction further. 

More Details On The Text Of The Legislation Signed By Kay Ivey

While choosing between getting the coronavirus vaccine, she is happy for the happiness and peace of mental health that the vaccine brings with it. Kay Ivey further urged and encouraged any Alabamian, missing their vaccine shots, to contact their provider of health care and roll up their sleeves for taking the shot.

At the beginning of this month, the legislation managed to clear the legislature of the state. This legislature defines the coronavirus vaccine as documentary proof of immunization. The law, signed by Kay Ivey mentions that the schools present inside the state have every right to require their students to provide their vaccination statuses as a primary condition for giving attendance. 

However, this law can only be applied to specific vaccines which have already been required by such a similar state institution as of 1st January 2021. However, the institution also has the right to exempt any student from such rigorous conditions provided they have a religious belief or medical condition opposing the vaccination. The critics have not been much supportive of this law. They are concerned with privacy and termed the coronavirus vaccine passports as a far overreaching act by the authorities.