Julio Jones Says He Is “Out Of” Atlanta Falcons

julio jones
julio jones

The trade speculation surrounding Julio Jones has been building up for several months. It has become even more heated in the last few weeks. On Monday, Jones’s comment cranked up the temperature by quite a bit.

Julio Jones To Part Ways With The Falcons?

Julio Jones had surprisingly appeared on “Undisputed” on FS1. Shannon Sharpe, the host, had called him on his phone, live. The host then asked Julio about the future at Atlanta Falcons. Julio Jones quite straightforwardly replied that he is “out of” the Falcons.

Ever since the statement, speculations have surfaced about whether this is just what Jones wants to do. There is also the chance that Julio Jones knows that the Falcons are looking to trade him. Be that as it may, Jones was unclear on which team he would like to play for next.

He said that presently, he only wants to win. Jones also balked at a Dallas Cowboys trade. Of course, that team was not a very realistic destination for Julio Jones.

Nevertheless, something has to make way. The Falcons are very close to the cap for salaries. As such, they have to make over $10M of space if they want to sign their 9 picks in the draft. Terry Fontenot, the recently appointed general manager, was asked about the situation regarding the salary cap. He admitted that there were “tough decisions” waiting to be made for the Falcons. However, he did not explicitly name or hint at any Falcon, including Julio Jones, who is going to be moved.

Arthur Blank, the team’s owner, had often called Julio a lifelong Falcon. However, presently he feels like he is about to be moved. Presently, twelve teams can afford Jones’s salary worth $15.3M. They are the Jaguars, the Broncos, the Jets, the Bengals, the Colts, the Browns, Washington, the Chargers, the Patriots, the Lions, the 49ers, and the Panthers. 

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