Colorado Democrat Senator Michael Bennet Defends Party Against Inflation Blame: Says Global Situation More To Blame For Mess

Michael Bennet

Democratic Senator Michael Bennet has defended his party against the Allegation of nurturing inflation. The Colorado Senator is up against Republican Joe O’Dea who has accused the Democrats of fostering inflation. With the midterms only weeks away, the two are locked in a close race for the seat and inflation has been a key issue for the population.

Michael Bennet defended his party on the inflation issue and contended that America is already coping with a downturn that is not confined to the nation but has worldwide consequences. The Republicans have turned inflation into the key issue in the midterms to beat the Democrats with.

Michael Bennet gave a wide-ranging successive interview in which he sparred with O’Dea over several key points in their campaign. Each candidate keyed in on the high costs that households are dealing with.

Michael Bennet Invites For Blindly Supporting President Biden

Senator Bennet has been among President Biden’s steadfast lieutenants. He has backed the president even on contentious decisions by the Biden administration like the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the multi-trillion dollar, Build Back Better Legislation.

O’Dea has hit out at Michael Bennet for being closer to Biden than to his people and has not put the interests of Colorado and the American people. He has branded Bennet as Biden’s senator and not Colorado’s. Speaking for himself, he assured residents that he is not under the control of any political party and would put Colorado and its working residents above all else.

Critics have said that Senator Bennet’s blind loyalty to the president has turned him into the least effective Senator in the US Senate. O’Dea has said that his rival Michael Bennet was not bad as a person but all he has done so far was to vote along party lines. He also said that the Colorado Senator isn’t capable of getting anything done for his constituents.

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