Alex Jones Must Pay Close To A Billion Dollars To Sandy Hook Families

alex jones

Alex Jones, the number one shock jock of American talk shows faces total financial ruin after a Connecticut jury awarded huge reparations to the families of eight of the twenty victims of the Sandy Hook shoutout in 2012, and also an FBI agent who was killed in the shootout.

Jones already faces charges of defamation after the podcaster lied about the incident and described the shootout as fake. After a unanimous jury awarded the petitioners who sued him close to a billion dollars, he faces a certain financial run. It remains uncertain how much the Sandy Hook families will be able to collect from Jones finally.

Jones has for years spread lies that the Sandy Hook firing in 2012 that led to the death of 20 first-graders and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut was a hoax planned by the government.

Alex Jones Continued To Reiterate His Position And Was Consistently Backed By Trump

The ruling struck a crippling blow to the Infowars fabulist and his empire. It also sent out a message that his falsehoods and also those of others could have devastating consequences.

The Sandy Hook families and the legal team heard quietly as the sentence was read out and broke into tears as they hugged each other after the verdict. Robbie Parker, the father of one of the victims was awarded the largest amount. Jones had repeatedly singled him out as he made the sickening allegation that he was an actor and called the father tribute on television disgusting.

The bereaved father withstood harassment, online abuse, and threats to his life. His tribulations formed the focus of the case. He said that each day they went to court and spoke the truth, and it was neither hard nor scary.

In a direct address to Alex Jones’ followers, Parker said that if his followers still chose to believe him, they should ask themselves what he has given them.

It is apparent that Alex Jones had planned to evade paying the families. Experts have estimated that his empire is worth around $270 million, a fourth of what he has been ordered to pay.

Jones had the backing of Trump as he moved to the center stage of Republican politics.

Alex Jones had earlier declared bankruptcy, anticipating the outcome, and also remained unrepentant. He continued to say that it was a cover-up and said that he was proud to face such an attack. He has consistently refused to cooperate with the court and January 6 investigators at every stage.