Michael Flynn Supports The Idea Of A Coup In The States?

Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn, the first adviser of the national security of Donald Trump, the former American President, officially supported the idea of a coup in the country. This came from him this Sunday. The QAnon and other online platforms that support former President Trump are all talking about the need for a coup in the country in order to reinstall Trump in the office of the President. They have also come out in support of the Myanmar coup that recently broke out.   

Michael Flynn, “…it should happen” 

Michael Flynn displayed his support at one of the events that were held in a city of the state of Texas, Dallas. So many activists of the Big Lie and conspiracy theories of QAnon had attended the event which took place this Sunday. One of the guests asked a direct question to the former security adviser with regard to the coup. He went by the name of Marine. He asked if the Mayanmar-like coup could take place in the United States of America. To this, Michael Flynn replied by assuring him that it can take place. He first went on to state that there is a need for a similar situation to take place in the country.

Sidney Powell, the lawyer of Trump’s former adviser gave a statement to clear out the controversy following his comments. She claimed that it was not the intention of Michael Flynn to incite any sort of violent activities. He did not mean to encourage any kind of military insurrection. The statement was recorded this Monday. This is not the first time that Sidney Powell has represented the Trump-supporter. The lawyer further held the media to be responsible for manipulating the comments of Michale Flynn. However, nothing was said about why the former guard adviser chose to answer that sort of question.    

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