Lloyd Austin On The “Diverse” US Military 

Lloyd Austin
Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin, the Defense Secretary of the United States of America, gave a statement where he expressed his faith and trust over the country’s military force. He spoke about it on one of the platforms of a popular news channel. The Defense Secretary stated that he has enough faith to not be bothered about the criticisms thrown by Russia and China. He also talked about the same that comes from the politicians of the conservative faction of the country.

They are of the view that the initiative taken by the recruiting half of the military is only making the security of the country a weak one. They have a problem with the idea of having a diverse military. The conversation of Llyod Austin took place on Memorial Day.

Lloyd Austin On What’s Is More Important 

Lloyd Austin directly claimed at the Memorial Day interview that the military of the country is anything but “soft.” He further added that Russia and China, the two adversaries of the country, never miss a chance to feed on the “talking points” of America. He directly claimed that he remains absolutely unbothered by the comments of Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, or the leadership of China. The Alabama-born military officer also cleared out on the thing that actually bothers him. And that is defending the nation. Lloyd Austin stated that he is constantly looking for the things that are needed in order to be successful, militarily.

The comments given by Lloyd Austin reinforced the efforts of the administration of Joe Biden, the Democratic President of the country. It restores faith in the traditional role of the country, especially in terms of foreign policy. The mention of the need for a diverse military force is one of the reinforced policies. The retired army officer claimed that the military of the country was the “best military in the world.” And the reason according to him is because of the ones that are recruited and not because of the use of technology.