Trump Rally Sees The Former President Claiming Election Fraud- Again

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The first Trump rally of the midterm year was held by the impeached former President in Arizona on Saturday, where Donald Trump hit out on the current POTUS. He also went on to voice his serially unsubstantiated claims about election fraud that took place in the presidential elections of 2020.

In an address that took place in Florence, Arizona, Trump went on to cover a whole plethora of issues that involved the pandemic, the staggering economy, crime, and foreign policy. Referring to the current Biden administration, Donald Trump slammed it by calling it incompetent. 

Trump Rally Sees The Former President Slam The Current POTUS

The Trump rally also saw the former President attacking the chief medical adviser of Biden, Anthony Fauci, who worked with Trump during his administration as well. Trump stated that Biden has made Fauci the king, which invoked several chants of locking the chief medical adviser up. The comments come less than a week after Fauci went on to accuse Sen. Rand Paul of placing him in personal danger due to the public attacks. 

The Trump rally also saw the former President claiming about election frauds and the investigation into the Capitol insurrection, which seemed to play quite a dominant role in his speech. Trump slammed the House’s select committee for the investigation, which he referred to as the committee of political hacks, and denounced what he usually described as the inhumane treatment of those who were arrested during the riots. 

The Trump rally comes with most Republicans sounding quite optimistic about their chances at the midterms which would be held in November. Arizona has heated up to be a major battleground, with several high-profile Senate and gubernatorial races to begin. 

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