Michael Jackson: A Lookback At The “Dangerous” Controversy

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has been an absolute legend in the music industry. His perception of music revolutionized the entire industry. Jackson did things that seemed impossible earlier. As successful he was, controversies followed him like a magnet. He got into several controversies and scandals throughout his career. One such controversy was sparked by his song “Black and White”. This music album was released almost thirty years ago. Even before the first song was disclosed, Jackson warned his audiences. He stated that his upcoming music is going to shock the world. Well, it was not a joke. The release of the album did send shockwaves all around the world. 

The music video was witnessed by a large number of people. There was one particular scene that everyone took offense at. The scene depicted Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch area while performing a move. This had a huge repercussion worldwide. The impact was such that Jackson had to censor the scene from his video. Since then, only the censored part was played at every show. Let us know more about the song in detail below. 

Michael Jackson: Reminiscing A Savage Comeback 

The repeated grabbing of the crotch offended many. However, it was Michael Jackson’s portrayal of announcing his savage comeback. One of the closeups even saw him pull up his zipper. The “Black & White” music video was a dream project for Jackson. Almost 500million spectators witnessed the spectacle. Jackson spent a lot of money in the making of the video. 

The duration of the controversial song was eleven minutes. Michael Jackson hired his director from “Thriller”, Jon Landis. The video’s budget of $4m ranks it as the most costly music video to date. The video will be remembered as a controversial yet audacious stamp of authority in modern music. 

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