Daniel Craig Dwells On ‘Casino Royale’ Casting Controversy 15 Years Later: Speaks Of Being Bothered

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig changed the character of James Bond, and fans agree that it has been for the better. But 15 years ago controversy had been raised as a certain section of fans claimed that he was too short, too rugged, and the most outrageous of them all, that he was blond.

Daniel Craig debuted as the iconic super spy. Bloggers, British tabloids, and a section of fans were enraged at producers for casting a blond, blue-eyed man as the inheritor of Pierce Brosnan in Casino Royale in 2005.

Social media went overboard in their attack of the Blond Bond. But it did not take long for opinions to change once the movie was released. Soon fans and critics were swooning over Daniel Craig’s suave styling and bruising personality. There was the bonus of a shirtless scene.

Daniel Craig Went On To Make 5 Hugely Successful Bond Movies

Daniel Craig went on to make another 4 hugely successful Bond movies. Quantum of Solace followed in 2008, and the hugely successful Skyfall in 2012 was widely considered among the best of the Bond movies. There was Spectre in 2015, before he ended his Bond career with No Time To Die, a staggering box office hit with $4B at the box office.

Daniel Craig continues to maintain his unflappable image but acknowledged that he had been disturbed by the controversy surrounding his casting.

He stresses that he was definitely bothered by the opposition to his casting. But he then realized that there was little he could do about it, and it was futile to be bothered by something beyond his control.

Daniel says that he concentrated on making up on screen and giving all he had. Casino Royale has Daniel Craig’s Bond track as an extremist financier (played by Mads Mikkelsen). Along the way, he falls for Vesper Lynd (Eva Green). He received high praise for his re-interpretation of 007.

But Daniel Craig isn’t bitter and says that he understands the initial criticism that he faced from critics. He says he grew up watching James Bond movies and could not criticize others for the total revamp in the looks of the character of James Bond.

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli say that they found the initial reaction absurd because Roger Moore was also blonde. They say they knew it was going to be fantastic, but it was strange then.

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