Michael K Williams’ Died Of ‘Acute Intoxication’ Say Coroners

michael k williams
michael k williams

Medical experts investigating the death of Michael K Williams have confirmed that the actor died of a lethal combination of Cocaine, heroin, p-flurofentanyl, and fentanyl. Williams, aged 54, was found unresponsive and unconscious on September 6 at his New York home by his nephew. The New York Chief Medical Officer confirmed that the death was accidental and the cause was the deadly cocktail of drugs.

Michael K Williams shot to fame in The Wire as Omar Little, a Baltimore stick-up man who frequently robs street-level drug dealers. It was an HBO drama series. He had received all-around praise for his portrayal of the gay hitman, with even former President Barack Obama calling it his favorite program and said Little Omar was a favorite character.

In addition, Williams had also received praise for his role as Albert ‘Chalky’ White, the gang boss, in Boardwalk Empire, a hit series.  This year he had received an Emmy nomination for his role in Lovecraft Country.

Fans and people from the industry paid tribute to his talent. Spike Lee and David Simon praised Williams as a man and as an actor.

Michael K Williams Had Referred To A Long Struggle With Drug Abuse

Michel K Williams had referred to his past struggle with drug abuse. He was in its grip even when portraying Omar Little in the movie, his breakthrough part. It was a time in which he described his brush with drug use in ‘scary places with scary people.’ But he had said that his past brush with drugs was limited to marijuana and cocaine.

Michael K Williams had a feeling that it would end badly. He has talked about living dangerously. He feared that it would all end badly and he would either be caught and exposed, or he’d end up dead.

 A commemorative mural honoring Michael K Williams will be unveiled at Fort Greene, Brooklyn, his hometown.