Nicolas Cage Booted From Bar In Las Vegas For Being Too Drunk

nicolas cage
nicolas cage

People might think that Nicolas Cage is rehearsing for the second part of “Leaving Las Vegas”. The Hollywood star who has been troubled recently has recently been seen in a clip being booted from an upscale bar in Las Vegas.

One More Of Nicolas Cage’s Antics

Eyewitnesses said that Nicolas Cage was being rowdy and completely drunk. He could even be mistaken for a man who is without a home.

Nicolas Cage had put in an Oscar-worthy performance in the film “Leaving Las Vegas”. His role was that of an alcoholic. Last week on Monday, he was booted from Lawry’s Prime Rib. The Sun showed the footage shared with them where the actor had been kicked out after getting into an argument with a member of the staff.

In the video, one man can be heard pointing to Nicolas Cage and saying that he was a bit messed up. The star, who had not shaved for quite a while, was sitting on a couch. He had a black T-shirt, leopard-print pants, and nothing on his feet.

The Sun said that an eyewitness told them that they thought Nicolas Cage was someone homeless, at first. He was being rowdy and completely drunk. They were shocked when they found out that it was Cage.

The onlooker further described that Cage, now 57, to have been completely smashed. He was also beginning to fight a little bit with the bar’s staff. Staff had told them that Cage had been drinking whiskey of 1980 Macallan and tequila shots. He was even reported to be trying to start fights when staff kicked him out.

Cage’s mother had passed away earlier on in the year. The footage ends as Cage tries entering the establishment once more, but people just asked him to stop.