Ron DeSantis Criticizes President Biden

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

A total of three new districts in the state of Florida have adopted the policy that was previously adopted by some school boards. As per the newly adopted policy, the executive orders given by the state governor, Ron DeSantis, with regard to the mask mandates, are to be violated in the state. Two of the school boards that come under the education of the state of Florida had done the same thing just two days prior to this incident. 

Ron DeSantis’ Opposition

The school boards that took the decision against that of Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of the state, include the county called Miami-Dade, which is the fourth largest school district within the United States of America, Palm Beach County, the eighth largest, and Hillsborough, the 10th largest in the nation. Together, they approved the mask mandates irrespective of the status of vaccination. It is to be followed by all the staff members as well as the faculty. Alachua as well as Broward county violate the executive order that was given by governor Ron DeSantis on the 30th of June. It also goes against the “Parents Bill of Rights Act” and the “House Bill 1059.”

A total of five districts as well as any new addition to it will receive the support of Joe Biden, the president of the country belonging to the Democratic Party. It was him who had given the orders to Miguel Cardona, the secretary of the department of education of the country to take quick actions against a governor who tried to put a ban on the mask mandates in the states. Following this, governor Ron DeSantis spoke against the President at one of the shows. This incident took place on the 18th of August. He criticized him for interfering in the matters of his state.