Michael Thomas’ Potential Destinations Ranked

michael thomas
michael thomas

The Saints’ roster had very few better or more accomplished players in the squad than Michael Thomas. However, the majority of last year saw the two sides grow apart. In 2020, Thomas was suspended after being riddled with injury. Reportedly, he had not even answered Saints officials calling him for months following the end of the season.

Now, Sean Thomas, the coach has publicly lamented that Michael Thomas is putting off a surgery in the offseason which would have kept him on the sidelines till fall. The wideout’s reply implied that the team is attempting to “damage” the player’s reputation.

The New Orleans Saints would get a massive boost if the trade happens as they head into a new generation with their new QB. Even though nothing has been confirmed, here are the most likely destinations should it happen.

Who Will Benefit The Most From Michael Thomas?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the best salary cap in the NFL currently – $30Mn. With that, they can afford to be bold. They are desperately looking for true weapons that Trevor Lawrence can use, apart from their established WR D.J. Chark. Moreover, Urban Meyer is now their coach, the man who watched over Michael Thomas emerging as a star when in Ohio State.

Next would be the Los Angeles Chargers. They are committing all they have to Justin Herbert, their QB for a second year. Adding one more established WR would not only let the Chargers shake up the Western AFC but maybe even go for the title. Their $17.3Mn cap space means Michael Thomas is comfortably affordable.

The Baltimore Ravens may not have all the money right now, but they have been looking at veteran WR throughout the offseason. They want help for Lamar Jackson, their QB. Michael Thomas would be their most logical target since it is a passing attack that is short in the area and heavy in running.