Michelle Waterson Punished By Marina Rodriguez In Vegas 26 UFC Main Event

michelle waterson

Michelle Waterson failed to win the Vegas 26 UFC main event against Marina Rodriguez. Rodriguez fought bravely and with wits while surviving an attempt to come back by Michelle Waterson late in the game. Rodriguez also managed to survive her possible injury to her jaw. However, she managed to put on a brave face and unleashed her punishing performance. Rodriguez accepted this fight on very short notice. But she never skipped a single beat over 5 rounds.

She was furious and lightning-fast with her various striking combinations. The moves unleashed by Rodriguez forced Michelle Waterson to play by her special ability which is the capability of absorbing a huge amount of damage. Meanwhile, Waterson managed to come back and storm her opponent in the 5th and 4th rounds. But she soon realized that taking on Rodriguez for more than 25 minutes seems very hard. The final result was a unanimous win for Brazillian Rodriguez. 

Michelle Waterson Vs. Marina Rodriguez: Scorecard And More

The scorecards stood at 48-47, 49-46, and 49-46 in favor of Marina Rodriguez. In her entire UFC career, she has currently managed to notch her 2nd straight victory against Michelle Waterson. She has moved up in her career to 4-1-2. At the start of the fight, Michelle Waterson tried to attack instantly but out came the right hand of Marina Rodriguez which managed to crack the former champion of Invicta FC. After that, Waterson began diversifying her attacks more. She tried to mix a round of kicks that included a powerful shot aimed at the knee and the lead leg of Marina Rodriguez. However, Marina showed no deterrence and was quick to move forward with more agility and aggression. 

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