Uvalde Police Response Under Scrutiny

uvalde police response

Uvalde Police Response will be scrutinized by the Department of Justice. Uvalde witnessed one of the biggest mass killings in recent times. The incident is being described as the biggest tragedy in the United States of America. An armed person invaded one of the elementary schools and openly fired on anyone that came near his shooting range. Mass hysteria followed and twenty-one people were killed mercilessly.

Out of the twenty-one deaths, nineteen were students, and a couple of teachers lost their lives in the tragic incident. The shooting took place at the Robb Elementary School. The government immediately decided to take action. They are looking for an amendment to the arms law. Most politicians have stated that the freedom of owning a gun must be restricted. Individuals from now on will have to apply for a special license in order to possess a firearm.

Don McLaughlin is the Governor of Uvalde. He has made a special request to the Department of Justice to review the response from the Uvalde Police. A spokesperson of the Department, Anthony Coley briefed the media about the scrutiny of the Uvalde Police Response in a recent statement. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Uvalde Police Response Will Be Verified By The Justice Department

Uvalde Police Response is scheduled to be verified by the Justice Department. The department is expected to use witnesses to derive information about how the police responded on that day. 

The Uvalde Police Response has been one of the biggest talking points at the moment. Most politicians are unhappy with the response that was made by the police department. Officials have been heavily criticized and are under constant pressure.

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