Michelle Williams Goes Viral While Imitating Justin Timberlake As Spears’ Memoir’s Narrator

Michelle Williams

The latest memoir from Britney Spears, and its audiobook version, has one more reason to be popular. It is the way Michelle Williams impersonates Justin Timberlake while narrating it! The 43-year-old actress was chosen as the narrator of the audiobook version of The Woman in Me, memoir of Spears. In a scene, 41-year-old Spears describes how Timberlake, the 42-year-old singer of “Cry Me a River”, tried to impress Ginuwine while inside New York City. Williams pulled out all the stops.

Michelle Williams Adds To The Memoir

In the section, Spears wrote that NSYNC, Timberlake’s band, was referred to as “so pimp” by the people of that time. They were boys who were white and also had a love for hip-hop. To Spears, that was the difference between them and the Backstreet Boys. Spears explained that the Backstreet Boys appeared to be quite conscious of their position as a group of white people. Michelle Williams read out the section in a clip provided by Simon & Schuster Audio.

Spears continued and said that NSYNC spent their time in the company of Black artists. At times, Britney thought, they tried a bit too hard to not seem out of place. So, one day, she and J [Justin] were roaming New York, seeing places Spears had never been in earlier. That’s when a person wearing a blinged-out large medallion, with two huge security guards flanking him, headed their way.

Spears recounts that J was extremely excited and loudly said, “Oh yeah, fo’ shiz fo’ shiz, Ginuwine, what’s up homie?” Even when J was later teased by Spears’ assistant Felicia on his fake style, J was not embarrassed. With the book’s release on October 24th, fans clipped and posted Michelle Williams’ narration of the section, reveling in amusement.