Kamala Harris Returns To L.A Home As Vice President

kamala harris
kamala harris

Kamala Harris, Madame Vice President of the United States, the first female to hold this office, and of color, is set to go back to her LA home in almost a year. She and her husband, the first, second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, will have the trip throughout the three-day weekend through Monday. It will not include any public appearance or events. She is set to have arranged a couple of virtual meetings and has a very tiny entourage (team). The visit is being compared to President Joe Biden’s visit home last month, over the long weekend. 

Kamala Harris was already to leave back on Thursday. But her trip was held back due to a massive snowstorm ago in Washington. The Vice President returned home back in October for a brief moment, even less than 12 hours. She had gone back to rest following her presidential campaign for 2020. But she has not traveled back since, as the Covid-19 pandemic has limited travels severely. The first black and woman Vice President has also been vaccinated. 

Kamala Harris’s Future Plans

Vice President Kamala Harris seems keen on keeping her roots strong. She had an interview on a call with KHLH-FM (102.3) on Wednesday morning. It is a radio station in LA and is black-owned. On the show, she was then introduced as a “proven achiever” and even tagged her as California’s own Vice President. 

She also said that she felt good to be back. She addressed the skepticism by the black Americans to the vaccine for Covid-19. She also noted that African-Americans have been more affected by the coronavirus and killed more than other minorities. 

Kamala Harris said that people could not “fight the good fight” with no good health. On Wednesday, she spoke to NBC to promote the 1.9 trillion dollar plan for the coronavirus fund relief. 

It is not sure how often the Vice President and her administration return to the state.