Dwight Howard, Ex-NBA Star, Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard, a former star of the NBA, has denied all the allegations of false imprisonment, sexual assault, and battery that were made against him via a lawsuit in July. Howard has also requested the court to throw away a civil lawsuit against him that is ongoing in Georgia.

The Case Against Dwight Howard

According to Dwight Howard, the player had participated in sexual activity that was consensual involving a man following an encounter that took place in July 2021. The encounter took place at the residence of Howard which is in Suwanee, a suburb in Atlanta. The information comes from court documents obtained by news outlets. Dwight Howard, who was once the top draft pick overall, denied all allegations of injuring Harper. He also refuted allegations claiming that he intentionally inflicted emotional distress as well as falsely imprisoning the man in question.

Howard, who is presently 37 years old, was most recently a player for Taoyuan Leopards, a Taiwanese outfit. In a complaint lodged in July, the player had allegedly begun correspondence addressed to the plaintiff via direct messages on Instagram. Allegedly, the exchange resulted in a face-to-face meeting of the two at the house of Howard where the sexual assault allegedly occurred.

Olga Izmaylova, the plaintiff’s attorney, claimed that there was no consent given by her client for the sexual intimacy. She added that they had fully expected Dwight Howard to talk about consent during the filing on October 23rd. The legal counsel of Howard has claimed that the plaintiff is trying to extort the athlete so that he remains silent. Justin Bailey, one of the attorneys of Howard, claimed that a consensual private encounter was intentionally made public in the hopes of profiting financially. As such, he explained that Howard is positively willing to throw light on the truth in a legal court.