Michelle Yeoh Reveals Why Quentin Tarantino Did Not Cast Her

Michelle Yeoh

Quentin Tarantino and Michelle Yeoh adore one other’s creative output. But why did not he choose to cast the renowned action star from the blockbuster Kill Bill?” I posed the same query to Quentin “When questioned by Town & Country magazine if she appeared in his movie, the 60-year-old actress recalled. He is really wise.

Who would imagine Uma Thurman beat your ass, Tarantino allegedly muttered to himself at the moment, according to the woman. Tarantino receives high appreciation from Michelle Yeoh.

Michelle Yeoh Praises Tarantino On His Abilities

Michelle Yeoh also praised the director’s abilities and capacity for inspiration, recalling how the 59-year-old Oscar winner inspired her to continue performing in spite of suffering a shattered spine while shooting The Stunt Woman in 1996.

She is tenacious, Quentin. He drained me because he was so passionate and loving, which made him who he is. We woke up all of a sudden. Then I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to give up,” Yeoh remarked.

In an interview, Tarantino declared, “I’m a great fan of hers.”

While everything is going on, Thurman and 51-year-old Tarantino have had a rocky relationship ever since the actress sustained injuries in a vehicle accident while working on Killing Bill: Volume 2. Years after the occurrence, in February 2018, Thurman told The New York Times, which is when the public first knew about it. The actress claimed that the accident caused her to sustain chronic neck problems, a concussion, and knee injuries.

The actress said in a Times piece that she had pleaded with Tarantino for years to see the accident site but that he had consistently refused. Then, in 2017, he, at last, expressed regret and unsettling video. Thurman stated that she would be open to reuniting with the director in a 2018 conversation with Entertainment Weekly.