Stimulus Check Updates: States Hand Out Aid

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

As analysts debate whether or not the United States economy has already slipped into a recession, and the possibility of a fourth round of stimulus checks becomes a genuine possibility if the economy doesn’t start to improve, many states are already doing all they can to relieve Americans of some financial pressure.

This summer, residents of seven states can expect a fresh round of stimulus and tax rebates, designed to alleviate the pain of rising inflation. Each state is handling the situation differently, though all are using budget surplus money to reimburse taxpayers in different ways. In many respects, they are the stimulus checks millions of people have been asking for.

Here is a look at the different programs that are out there for people to take advantage of, of course, if they are eligible and a resident of the state handing out stimulus checks.

New Mexico Has a Stimulus Check Coming This Month 

Qualifying New Mexico residents should expect to receive a $500 stimulus payment in August. The stimulus payment will come in three parts, with the first round of payments already distributed to taxpayers in June. Another payment is on the way after the second round of checks land on doorsteps.

“We know how much New Mexicans need this help, and we are working as quickly as possible to get these rebates and relief payments into their hands,” Secretary of Taxation and Revenue Stephanie Schardin Clarke said in a press release.

Minnesota also Handing Out Stimulus This Month 

Minnesota’s Frontline Worker Pay Program will begin distributing payments this month to eligible applicants who applied. Almost 1.2 million workers applied for the frontline worker bonus checks.

All eligible frontliner workers whose applications were approved will receive an email from the state confirming that they are eligible, and the Frontline Worker Pay fund will be evenly divided among all eligible applicants.

Delaware Did Stimulus Checks in May 

Delaware residents also began receiving stimulus payments in May, but not all eligible residents have received their payments yet. The state plans to distribute all remaining payments, worth $300, to eligible taxpayers this month.

Florida Is Doing Inflation Relief Checks 

In July, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis surprised residents by announcing a $450 inflation relief payment designed to help parents cover some of the costs of school supplies for the new academic year.

Families that qualify for the payments should have already begun receiving the payments in the mail, but those who have not already received the payments should expect to receive them this month.

Georgia Has Stimulus Payments 

Georgia residents should expect to receive $250 stimulus payments as individual state tax filers or $500 as a married couple filing jointly. The payments will be distributed this month to everybody who filed their tax returns by mid-April.

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