Michigan Panthers Rally Falls Short: Lose Opening USFL Game

michigan panthers
michigan panthers

It was so near yet so far for the Michigan Panthers. Former Michigan QB Shea Patterson led an incredible rally after halftime only to make a pivotal mistake late in the game. From a halftime deficit of 17-0, he helped his team turn around and got it primed for a winning position only to lose.

The pivotal error late in the game led to the loss at 17-12. On the final play of the Michigan Panthers, Patterson gave a Hail Mary pass that found Pettway at the back end of the zone. Pettway leaped to catch it but then could get only a foot inbounds. Though even if he had got both his feet in, it would have been negated by a chop-block fine awarded against the Michigan Panthers.

The Michigan Panthers’ head coach, Jeff Fisher said that the only thing going through their head since they arrived here 4 weeks ago did they measure up against the seven other teams. He said that the teams were unknown, and they were unfamiliar with the rosters.

Michigan Panthers’ Coach Says Team Good From His Perspective

He said that many questions were answered from his perspective and the team had been excellent. The Michigan Panthers’ 2 turnovers were early into the 2nd quarter.

On 2nd-and-goal, Shea Patterson was drilled by Gooden of Houston even as he stepped back to take a pass, forcing him into a fumble.

Northrup scooped up the fumble and ran 95 yards to the touchdown, giving a 9-0 lead to Houston.

The QBs will be back, Fisher said and added that they will compete in practice this week. He said that he would decide from then on. The Michigan Panthers had their last chance to win when the defense forced another punt.

Patterson led the Michigan Panthers to the 14 by the Gamblers on the final drive. But then he fumbled a snap and pushed the Panthers to the twenty-one. Finally, a pair of incomplete passes finished off an entertaining and wild game in this rebooted USFL. It is the largest attempt to make a football stick this spring.

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