Joe Biden Rallies Western Powers Against Putin

Joe Biden

In a major reversal from the western approach to helping Ukraine in its war against Russia, Joe Biden has agreed to help Zelensky with several state-of-the-art weapons including the topline American battle tank, the M1 Abrams.

Joe Biden is eyeing a fresh Russian offensive in spring and the US president has announced that decision and said that the tanks will help Ukraine defend itself on the battlefield and also at the negotiating table. The supply of the tank and the further involvement of European allies could change the situation on the battlefield as the war enters the one-year mark.

Joe Biden said that the nations were united in their resolve to help Ukraine defend and protect itself against Russia. He added that the Russians could expect no offensive threat if its troops move out of Ukraine. America hopes its ‘iron fist’ will breach Russian defensive lines though it had earlier stated that its M1 Abrams tank was not suited for the Ukraine terrain.

Joe Biden Tries To Engineer A Strategic Shift

Joe Biden’s intervention is expected to bring to an end any rift between western allies. Germany’s decision to back the US has come as a relief for the US president. Russia has been weakened in its strategy by a weak winter that has robbed Putin’s plan to pressurize European nations by cutting off the supply of Russian gas. Joe Biden dreams of restoring the image of America as the sole major world power, something that his predecessor strongly dented.

Putin had tried to forestall Ukraine from joining NATO, though the whole Ukraine military is being backed and bankrolled by the US at present. It has become a de-facto member of NATO and has access to the alliance’s sophisticated arsenal and intelligence.

The US sees Ukraine as a significant strategic bulwark against Russia. Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary General said that it is in the interest of the western alliance to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.

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