Last Chance To Claim Stimulus Check Money By The Americans

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The Federal Government has sanctioned a total of three stimulus check payments among which the first two cannot be claimed anymore. However, the last stimulus check worth $1,400 can still be grabbed by the citizens of America who missed it in the first place. These payments are sanctioned under the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden, the President of America, in March of the previous year. 

How To Claim The Third Stimulus Check Payment By 18th April

The majority of eligible citizens of America have already got their last direct payment via check or direct deposit till January 2022. However, there are still some citizens who did not get their stimulus check or are eligible for an additional amount. These people need to file their income tax returns for the year 2021 by the 18th of April

In technical terms, the last stimulus check was supposed to be the advance of the Recovery Rebate Credit of 2021, however, they were based on the dependent number and income as per 2020 and 2021income tax returns. This suggests that there are certain families who will be eligible for more money if a baby is born in the family or their annual income decreases over one year. 

Similarly, families who did not file tax returns for 2020 and 2019, will be liable to get full credit. Every individual whose annual earning was less than $75,000, head of the family with earning less than $112,500, and joint filers with income less than $150,000 were eligible for the stimulus check. As this specified amount would increase a little, the amount for stimulus check would reduce as per the rules.

Individuals must check first whether the amount was sent earlier by the IRS and this can be done by signing into their IRS account. Citizens can also check the letter that was sent by them known as the Notice 1444-C.

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