Conspiracy Theorist Mike Lindell Cannot Pay His Lawyers

Mike Lindell

Lawyers representing ‘MyPillow Guy’ Mike Lindell have said that the election denier owes unpaid legal fees and bills running into millions. The withdrawal would leave the conspiracy theorist without legal support in lawsuits where plaintiffs have sought over a billion dollars in damages.

The bed-ding entrepreneur has been the foremost denier of the 2020 elections. He has relentlessly promoted the false claims perpetuated by Donald Trump and asserted that the disgraced former president won the presidential elections in 2020. He is also accused of trying to influence the voting patterns of Americans.

However recent developments suggest that Mike Lindell is in deep financial distress. His legal team has filed to extract themselves from representing him. They have said that millions of dollars in legal fees remain unpaid. The developments would leave Mike Lindell without legal cover. The entrepreneur has said that he doesn’t blame his legal team as they have families to look after.

Mike Lindell Continues To Promote Trump’s Conspiracy Theories

Mike Lindell admitted that his financial woes stemmed from his political activism during the 2020 presidential election, which Donald Trump lost. Smartmatic, among the firms that have taken legal action against Mike Lindell, said that the political activist was exploiting the news of the withdrawal to raise funds for his electoral fraud campaign. However, representatives of the firm said that it would not object to the withdrawal of the lawyers. The supplier of the voting machines during the 2020 elections noted that that Mike Lindell has already sent out emails for raising $200,000 from his backers invoking the move by his lawyers to withdraw.

The Trump associate and founder of MyPillow has paid for conferences and legal efforts backing the 2020 election conspiracy. He has actively backed conspiracy theories on the misuse of the voting machines used in the 2020 elections. Mike Lindell continues to work with groups and activists promoting such conspiracy theories. He has also used his MyPillow campaigns to back the Republicans and the conservative media. This includes many media entities that actively promote his wild theories.