Mike Lindell Ordered to Pay $5 Million

Mike Lindell

My Pillow’s inventor, Mike Lindell, was made to pay $5 million (£4 million) to an expert who refuted his predictions about the 2020 presidential election.

Mike Lindell, an election skeptic, challenged others by claiming to have evidence of Chinese intervention in the 2020 election. He introduced “Prove Mike Wrong” in 2021, offering $5 million as the grand prize.

A private arbitration tribunal decided on Wednesday that a software expert had really done that and was entitled to the money. At a purported cyber conference that Mr. Lindell organized in South Dakota, the challenge was presented. He asserted that Chinese meddling in a few US states helped President Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell Lost The Lawsuit

Mike Lindell promised a seven-figure amount to anyone who could demonstrate that his data had no bearing on the 2020 election. The panel ordered Mike Lindell to compensate Bob Zeidman and stated in its finding that none of the data Mr. Lindell gave had anything to do with that election.

They also determined that failure to pay the amounts constituted a breach of contract. Mr. Zeidman told the BBC’s US partner CBS that he spent a few hours analyzing the material given by Mr. Lindell before concluding that it was “all bogus.” 

According to Mr. Zeidman, a resident of Las Vegas who cast two votes for Mr. Trump, some of Mr. Lindell’s material consisted of “a simple Word document and a table” that was “made to look sophisticated, and it wasn’t.” Mr. Zeidman claimed that after presenting his findings to the panel in charge of the challenge, he received no reaction, which prompted him to sue Mr. Lindell for the money.